Some Tips to Compose a Good Critical Thinking Essay

Posted by on September 23, 2019

Critical thinking is an extremely useful skill for every person no matter what they do in their everyday life. When it comes to students, researchers and representatives of a number of other vocations, it can be considered a really precious asset. People agile in perceiving information and reflecting upon it tend to be more successful in their career or study. Not surprisingly, this important academic aspect is often tested using such popular tool as essay writing.

The assignment’s paper purpose is to tackle a proposed subject study and analyze its positive and negative implications. This can be a book, magazine article, research report etc. A student is expected to demonstrate, along with their academic proficiency, the ability to question, reveal cause-and-effect relations and make meaningful conclusions.

Creating the Critical Essay Step-by-Step

critical thinking essay

Let’s discuss what steps the critical thinking essay writing process actually involves.

  1. Introduction, the opening section of the paper, should contain a clearly defined thesis statement, upon which you will build the following discussion. Also, provide credentials of the original author(s) right away and give the name and the date of the publication.
  2. To initiate the discussion, describe the problem briefly. Give your readers an overview of the original author’s attitude and arguments.
  3. Now, it is necessary to provide your estimate of the researched source’s credibility. For this end, describe the author’s experience and reputation in this field of expertise. The latter can be assessed based on how many publications they have and where. Next, draw a reader’s attention to how accurate and correct the researcher was conducting their work. Did they use questionable or outdated information?
  4. Proceeding to the main section of your paper, which is actually the critical analysis of the subject, keep in mind that it should be focused on finding out the original author’s arguments, providing counterarguments and investigating the validity of reasons available in the work under discussion. Draw your reader’s attention to aspects which, in your opinion, were not examined deeply enough and therefore require further exploration. If you have any questions or doubts in respect to the methodology used, feel free to share your concern with others. When you write this part of your essay, it is important to use an academic style and language.
  5. Conclusion is the last but not the least important section of the paper. This is your ultimate opportunity to make a good impression on readers. Restate the problem and offer your final assessment of the work under investigation. Choose to agree or disagree with the author.

Final Word

A critical thinking essay is an advanced type of academic writing so this can be a bit too complicated task for many people. You cannot provide a good result if you have never done it before and do not know the essay’s specifics. Remember, however, that mastering the skill is rewarding because this test is widely used by educational institutions to rate their students.