How to concentrate on your homework

While class work seems to be the main stumbling stone for most of students, when it comes to working on your own it might turn out that getting yourself down to work at home is even a bigger ordeal. For the same reason people prefer to work in the office, rather than have freelance jobs. Lack of concentration and self-organization (and speaking of other ‘tions’ – procrastination, of course) prevents you from submitting papers/learning vocabularies/solving math problems on time. Is there a solution? Only the most general one – here are a few tips on how you can help yourself concentrate on the assignment and get it done. Feel free to heed those that might work for you and ignore those of no particular use.

  1. Prepare yourself for work: go use the bathroom (if necessary, of course!), have a snack, tidy your room, make necessary calls and get through with everything that has to be done. However, there is a difference between doing what is urgent and getting involved with everything only to postpone the homework. You don’t need to start an hour-long conversation on Facebook – that definitely can wait until you are done with assignments.
  2. Allocate plenty of time for your homework. If you finish early, it will make you feel good about yourself.
  3. Get away from your noisy siblings, roommates, neighbors, parents, pets, boyfriends or girlfriends – whoever it is that will interfere with your work.
  4. Prepare your work place. You might not be an obsessive cleaner and a control freak, but dirty laundry and piles of papers heaving on your desk will hardly do you any good. Tidy as much as you need not to get distracted.
  5. Turn off your phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatever else it is you are using – they will be too much of temptation.
  6. Write down a to-do list. There are two ways to arrange your assignments – starting from the most difficult down to the easiest and vice versa. The second option is for those who have perfectionist problems or as it is also called sometimes – ‘everything or nothing’, meaning that if a person can’t cope with the easiest assignment, he will most likely neglect the rest as well just because he can’t have it all. For people like these it is more efficient to start with the easiest, as they will gradually move to the hardest and thus have fewer not fulfilled tasks if any at all. The rest can start with Math problems and go down to Philosophy in order to align the amount of energy left with the levels of difficulty of subjects.
  7. Cross out the assignments as you fulfill them.
  8. For some people it is easier to work with music, while others can tolerate no other sounds interfering with their work. Try both ways to find yours.


And remember – the best way to make yourself concentrate and get down to working is to promise yourself a reward after your finish. A chocolate bar, a new GoT episode or a night out with friends – whatever it is that fills you with temptation.