How to do homework fast

Doing your homework fast is a key to having it all – high grades and free time for life. If you have mastered it – congratulations, you are a very successful student and your educational career is out of risk. If not – here are a few tips that might help you optimize your homeworking process.

  • Prepare a convenient work place, preferably a desk. Some people can work with their legs above their ears and laptops on their bellies, but this way you will just make it harder.
  • Do not try to do it all simultaneously – if there is homework you need to do and a movie you want to watch, do one at a time – in any order (though it might be difficult to get down to working after you relaxed in front of the TV).
  • Plan your time specifying the time you need for every subject. You can’t be 100% sure about it, of course, but having a deadline (even set by you, not the teacher) will motivate you to work faster.
  • Find a work partner if needed. It is very important to delegate things you can’t cope with yourself. Remember: you are no superhero, even though you might think so. While in high school it might be not that important to engage in group learning, prestigious law schools require that their students make study groups and help each other (you will not survive the amount of work otherwise).
  • Ask for help if you need any. It is important to think ahead. If there is an assignment you are not quite sure about, stay after class and ask your teacher for explanations – it is their job to make you understand. If there are other persons who can be involved and whose credibility stirs no doubts, don’t hesitate to address them as well.
  • Stay concentrated and eradicate sources of destruction such as social networks, phone or radio.
  • Make breaks every half an hour. Weirdly enough, it is less efficient to work a couple of hours straight. If you give your brain a 10-minute rest, it will be able to work better and faster afterwards. Don’t make these breaks too long though – they are for your brain to catch its breath, not for you to take a nap.
  • Write down your assignments in a list and follow the order you chose. However, while doing your homework you should use the test solving technique, which is do not get stuck on the assignment you can’t cope with and move to the next one. When all the easiest ones are done, you can go back to those giving your trouble. By using this method you fulfill more assignments in a specified period of time, as well as give your brain time to figure out difficult ones.
  • Last but not least, there is a psychological method of solving difficulties – pretend that you forgot the answer, rather than never known it. Subconsciously, your brain will relax and approach the problem under less strain and will have more chances to come to grips with it.

Concentration and a few tricks – and your homework will take you less time than it takes to say the word ‘homework’ itself!