How to make homework fun?

No, we are not talking about playing games and using color pencils to draw a house and porch with scary little humans that look like a bunch of sticks – you are no longer in the second grade after all. However, homework is something that will stay with you as long as you are trying to study. The faster you develop a habit of doing it fast and efficient, the better. And the best way to settle your mind to a few hours of work straight (it takes as much in college) is to treat it like fun, probably even a hobby.

Turn the procedure of doing your homework into something you will look forward to. Think it’s hardly possible? Don’t worry – it is possible and even pretty easy if you take necessary steps.

Step one: associate doing homework with something you enjoy (preferably something you really love). Do you lose your mind over large cappuccinos with cream and chocolate? Get one before you start working and do it on regular basis until homework and that large to-go cup with sweet mouth-watering smell merge into a single notion in your head. Same thing with food: if for a bagel you are ready to sell yourself into slavery, use it for a decent purpose.

Step two: get outside if it is warm, find a cozy warm place if it is cold.  The thing is, sun rays and deep blue sky outside will distract you anyways – get out and find a tree that will fit the curves of your spine perfectly or a glade where you can lie in the grass and think through your essay.

Step three: play music, preferably something relaxing and quiet. If this is not your type of music – fine, go with heavy metal and growling hairy men if it makes you happy.

Step four: do not be afraid to add something unique and individual to your home assignments. Best teachers always appreciate when they see that you’ve thought through their assignments, processed them and came up with something slightly different from the others. Those that don’t appreciate initiative and creativity are not worth your attention – don’t mind them.

Step five: it is probably a tricky thing to say, but you should do what is useful for you and give up the rest. If the assignment is clearly just a monkey business to keep you occupied and there is no way to get anything out of it – the hell with it. The teacher did not spend even a half an hour thinking it through – why should you? Yes, it might cost you a grade, but life is not about grades in the long run. It’s about prioritizing and knowing what you want to achieve.

No doubt, every student is different and there is no way to make up an algorithm of how to have fun while doing your homework that would work for every single one. However, if you set up your mind properly from the very beginning, it will become much more rewarding and efficient – just as it has to be.