Radley College


• Founded in 1847
• Programs GCSE, A-Level
• Location Abingdon, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
• Age 13-18
• Number of pupils 685 pupils
• Type of school School-boarding school for boys
• Tuition From £ 35,490

The private boarding school for boys Radley College was founded in 1847. It’s quite an unusual school where all students live in the hostel, and is not passed on coeducation. The school is not very big and teachers know each of the 680 students at the school.

Radley School offers its students exceptional opportunities for the development of sports and creative talents. Every evening after school activities are 9 communities and clubs on weekends – theatrical and musical rehearsals, workshops, competitions and sports games. Throughout the study at Radley College students receive much more than able to provide every school day.
A brilliant academic reputation the school has earned thanks to the success of its students and graduates. Despite the fact that in Radley College boys come with different abilities, all achieved good results. On his subjects demanding teacher, and students tend to do better and set themselves challenges. Teachers develop the potential of students in any area to which they show interest: music, sports, creativity. Under the inspiring leadership of professional students achieve impressive results.

Training program

Academic results are excellent students and their attitudes to learning – positive, the boys work hard, and they like to learn. ISI Report 2008
The curriculum is structured in such a way as to help students learn how to manage your time and to develop independent learning skills. Teachers and numerous community expand knowledge and practical skills of students, and the most ambitious students prepare for entrance to Oxbridge and other top universities.

Virtually all Radley College graduates enter the best universities: Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Durham, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Leeds, Exeter, UCL, Newcastle, Imperial College and Manchester.
Since 1996, all teaching departments have moved to a new spacious building. In the center is the school library, where students will find artistic and scientific literature in paper and digital form, but also can take advantage of a huge selection of video and audio materials. On the territory of the whole school has WiFi.


The students of Radley College spend most of their time at school. That is why it pays special attention to the atmosphere in which boys can discover and develop their talents. The school believe that communication between students and teachers should be based on mutual respect and a positive attitude, its provided by best dissertation writing services.

The boys live in residences, also known as the Houses. Each House of fixed curators responsible for the accommodation and academic success of students. Older pupils are assigned “prefects” and mentors, they help control the House and deal with daily issues. Each house has a common living room, a games room, a small kitchen, where you can make tea / coffee.
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