Writing a 500-Word Essay

Posted by on September 23, 2019

500 words are a length requirement often applied to essay assignments. Neither too short nor too long, this kind of paper provides students with a good opportunity to share their thoughts on a proposed subject. In this case, an author is expected to demonstrate their ability to stick to the required formatting, preferred structure and methodology. For example, scholarship essays often feature this size limitation. Despite some hidden obstacles on your way to success, getting a high grade is an absolutely feasible task. Still, to be on the safe side, you should know how to tackle the assignment properly. There are many specific recipes out there, and the following is just a general overview to consider.

Some Tips to Boost Your 500-Word Essay

Before you get down to writing, don’t skip the preparation phase of the process. The first thing to do is making a plan of the prospect paper. Having such a bullet list at hand will help you progress much faster and stick to the main line.

While certain requirements are always applied, essay is the type of work that allows delivering your thoughts in a quite free way. For a student, this means a good opportunity to show their individuality and stand out from peers. Demonstrate that you have your own point of view on the proposed subject and can support it with relevant evidence and reasons. In an attempt to look brilliant, never use plagiarism as this practice is not tolerated in the academic community and can destroy your best intentions right away.

Pay special attention to grammar. Even a sound content can be spoiled by plain grammar mistakes. Some errors may remain unnoticed even after revising a text, so feel free to use grammar reference books and online services as soon as the slightest doubt arises.

Don’t underestimate the introduction. While quite short, this mandatory section makes a crucial contribution to the general success. Its major purpose is to engage a reader and make them proceed to the next part of your narration. If you fail to compose it properly, your brilliant body text may remain unread.

What Can Help You Enhance Your Essay

With this type of academic assignment, each and every step of the writing process really matters. So applying the right approach to completing the task is a must. Apart from a high grade, an additional advantage is that this will save you time, nerves and energy.

Another helpful tool to apply is revising. Assume a reader’s attitude and re-read your draft text multiple times. This tedious routine is effective to find out grammar mistakes and logical gaps.

Technologies offer some helpful opportunities too. For example, consider using online and offline grammar check services. They sometimes can reveal what a human eye cannot and are able to improve the quality of your text significantly. In some cases, it may be helpful to request a custom essay from a professional writing service. Leverage this option if you struggle with the proposed topic, have a too tight deadline or just attach great importance to a particular assignment.